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Websites Depot Inc. is a full-service digital marketing agency.

We specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, online marketing, websites marketing, Google ranking, social media marketing.

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38 thoughts on “Top Rated Digital Marketing Company Los Angeles & SEO Los Angeles

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  2. Show the slides please!; the content is interesting but camera work is terrible!

  3. Great insights, great video and Camera Guy could have done a way better job giving us a view of the presentation monitor!

  4. 2017 Marketing Bullies: YouTube, Pinterest, iTunes, Apple, are marketing bullies! Forcing advertisements on viewers. Setting it up to be nearly unseeable to use their aps unless you give them your information. Information that they sale, profit off of, and or give away. Paying iTunes for music that’s been around before iTunes ever existed?

  5. Good info. Good speaker. Poor filming, did a disservice to the speaker and to viewers.

  6. A great video. Too bad we can't see the image on screen. Camera man was probably on break.

  7. Fire the camera man.. she is talking about things that are on a screen and not for the love of God this person would show the presentation screen. we can hear her voice for God sake, the camera can pan away from her for a few second..

  8. this isn't helpful bcs we can't see the presentation

  9. Nice video ……..thanks

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  10. This should have had many more views. Thanks.

  11. Great tips but without seeing presentation…..

  12. That was superb!! What a switched on customer!!

  13. That was an unbelievable lecture, point on. Thanks 🙂

  14. Soundcloud works in Africa though…South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana…

  15. Awesome presentation! Thank you Claire! 🙂

  16. i guess they forgot to edit in the slides?

  17. Well ok, the camera man kinda messed up there but the content itself was rad.. and the presentation and delivery was on point.

  18. Camera man didn't give a F… about the content, he or she should find another career…

  19. Video Editor should have inserted commercial video examples into the presentation.

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  21. brilliant video thank you!! 🙂

  22. Wow…amateurish editing or camera work – really ruined the video on such an important topic & a great presenter – vote down

  23. THE best video with THE MOST practical suggestions to execute day to day Digital Marketing missions.

  24. Camera man….zoom out!!!!!!

  25. Video Marketing is something all businesses need to implement in their marketing.

  26. yeah, because video is times 5 powerful than the article.

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  28. Hi can you help me with may video marketing?

  29. u more of videos

  30. We are based in Santa Monica and are very happy with your work.

  31. SEO and Social Media have never been this easy

  32. WOW you really know your stuff

  33. Great results and very affordable

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