The Complete Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial – Master How to Use Yoast SEO Plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins and in this tutorial, you are going to learn how to use this plugin to help you optimize your website for major search engines.

1:26 – Basic Configuration of Yoast SEO
7:48 – Verifying Web Master Tools
10:30 – Writing our Homepage Snippet
17:02 – Adding Dates to our Snippets
20:37 – Indexing with Yoast SEO
25:05 – Creating and Submitting our Sitemap with Yoast SEO
29:11 – Enabling Social Media
33:17 – Editing our Permalinks
36:09 – Using the Bulk Editor & Other Tools
38:52 – Fixing Crawl Errors & Broken Links with Yoast SEO
42:02 – Yoast Extras
45:15 – Optimizing our Content for SEO
52:57 – Improving Content Readability with Yoast SEO
57:00 – Keyword Analysis with Yoast SEO
58:32 – Cornerstone Articles

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42 thoughts on “The Complete Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial – Master How to Use Yoast SEO Plugin

  1. Thank you for such an amazing video tutorial, very informative and energetic. Keep up the great work. Liked & Subscribed & Notified.

  2. Thanks WM for this tremendous video. Even I can follow it.

  3. Great video. Awesome information,. Very helpful!!!

  4. Thanks so much for such a detailed and in-depth tutorial! Your laugh was really entertaining too 🙂

  5. Once you created your WordPress SEO blog post description. How do you get it onto google?

  6. So, I did all I could do from your tutorial. Before my site was on the 4th page. Then is was on the 2nd page. Then it was on the 3rd page. Now it's on the 6th page. Why would that happen? Does it just take time? Thanks, I learned a lot from your video.

  7. I didn't totally get it but I will back after I absorbed what I did understand … Thank you

  8. Question: Where do you add your google analytics code? By connecting to the google search console does it automatically add the analytic code or do you need another plugin to add GA code? Thank you. Great tutorial by the way…

  9. Thanks a lot, mate. This is one of the most helpful video tutorials I've ever watched. It just has solved the problem I've been struggling with since the morning 🙂

  10. sir
    I am create yoast seo plugin but Readability shows problem 1 which is "you have far too little content,please add some content to enable a good analysis". please help me sir

  11. This tutorial was extremely helpful. Thank you!

  12. sir my sitemap is not generate shoe error

  13. not sure how you state so clearly google does not use keywords. Unless you have the algorithm in front of you there is no way for you to know that. I know seo guys do a-b testing to see what has an effect and what doesnt but the algo is way more intricate than that. It uses ai for a start and is way beyond being able to say this is a factor and that isnt. There is no reason NOT to use keywords as it MAY in SOME circumstances be used in some way.

  14. Thank you! Great way of explaining!

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  16. Thank you for taking the time to create this tutorial video. It's incredibly detailed for the free version of this plugin.

  17. WOW!! did this video just come to an end ? Alex!! You have done a greatest Job I haven't seen any instructor did for a long time particularly on Yoast SEO, You touched everywhere I had problems, Kudos to you. Honestly I am just speechless but I am happy that I was able to learn everything about Yoast SEO from your channel. Thank you once again!! Always to follow your videos…

  18. Thanks. This was very helpful.

  19. Hi,
    Very informative video tutorial and very helpful..
    I have a query… if you can help..
    Check this website " " If you search paladion google you find the you will find it listed as "Paladion" but if you go to the website the browser title shows as "Cyber Security Company | MSS | Security Testing | Security Consulting"

    If i do the same then the page title gets listed in google search. Why so…..

    How can i achieve separate titles on google and in the browser page…
    Thanks once again for the video…

  20. cheers man, that was intuitive and fun. Super job

  21. this helped me so much!!! thank you so much!!!!

  22. Thank you for a detailed explanation. Acc to me this is the detailed tutorial about yoast plugin.

  23. This tutorial is one of the best I've ever seen! Fast, but thorough. Thank you!

  24. thank you for best content

  25. Thank You Sooooo Much!! Your tutorial is so fantastic and explains everything so well. You turn the difficult things in to easy stuff. Very much appreciated 😀

  26. Hi man, please my Google Authentication failed. It says:"There were no profiles found". What should i do?

  27. Thanks you so much, very helpful tutorial.

  28. Hello! Thanks for the amazing video! I have a question. I was wondering if you could help. Do I need to submit the sitemap to google daily? Or once it is setup, it takes care of it automatically? Thanks.

  29. Hi, Web Monkey! You are really a good Tutor! Very detailed and clear. God bless you, for this was very helpful to me. Thanks, man.

  30. Transition words does not recognize Portuguese (Brazil)? I have had problems, because the same does not recognize Trasition words of the Portuguese language, even if the text contains more than 5.

  31. i am learning now PHP but it is hard ….and i love building website and creative thing..i saw the first videos of you and i understand more and i would like to develop sites cause you .i wish you peace and love and all nice things in life….God bless you and your familly and your home….you do good things for human..peace be with you brother.

  32. thanks a lot of brother….i love your videos and how you explain..i
    understand all only from you..i am thankfull brother..if i would have
    money i would sure be register by you in udemy, thansk a lot of from you
    help and explaintation…can you please explain us how to make a
    wordpress post dynamics..that people can discuss inside.i am using only
    free hostinger,and i am refugee from syria living in camp in
    germany.thanks a lot of..god bless you

  33. thank you a lot of brother..i love how you explain and you are so happy person ..thanks a lot of….brother can you explain me how to add form contact on the wordpress in video that you did before in 2 parts "How to Build a One Page WebsiteUsingWordPress"? i follow all your steps and it works great but i could not add form contact:thanks a alot wishes and healthy and success

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