How to start an online store using OpenCart 2.2 – NO CODING KNOWLEDGE NEEDED

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Learn how to start an online store using FREE OpenCart 2 eCommerce platform

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Starting an online store can be complex job, but with OpenCart it’s a piece of cake!

In this tutorial you will learn the exact steps to launch your own eCommerce store without any prior coding experience. We are going to use the latest version of free open source eCommerce platform called OpenCart. With this online store builder you can create beautiful looking web shops. You can start an online boutique if you want.

You will learn how to:
– register a domain name
– setup a web hosting account
– install latest version of OpenCart platform using Softaculous
– configure your new store

The web store is going to be fully responsive, which means that elements will adjust according to width of device. This means that your store will fit perfectly on any device, whether you are using smartphone, tablet device or desktop computer.

Design can be changed and configured anytime. For just 50$ you can get custom and professional looking design, however in order to get you up an running with least amount of money possible, we are going to stick with the basic free template that you get as soon as you install OpenCart.

Once the online store is successfully installed I am going to show you how to:
– delete DEMO products
– add new category
– add new product
– add new payment and shipping method
– change manufacturers images on the carousel slide show
– change images of home page slide show plugin
– how to change logo
– change telephone number in the top menu

Off course there are a lot of other things that can and SHOULD be customized, that is why I strongly encourage you to check out my in-depth course about setting up a web store using open cart. In the course I go into more details about store setup, customization and optimization. Get on the early bird list over here:

(I will send you an email once the course opens again)

In the course I will also cover:
– SEO optimization of OpenCart store
– Adding additional layer of security
– opencart speed optimization
– download opencart theme
– how to install theme
– how to add featured products
– how to clear cache, show all products, set timezone, display all categories, disable affiliates, display products on homepage, show category in homepage, change font, change admin password, change currency, install vqmod, add banner, change background, approve new customers, add language, add paypal, edit footer, adjust banner speed, slow down slideshow module, add google analytics, add htaccess file, change language, show products on homepage, install extensions, use vqmod, reset admin password, remove index.php route=common/home, remove wishlist and much much more…

In 2015. worldwide B2C eCommerce sales reached $1.7 trillion and by the end of 2018. this number is estimated to reach $2.35 trillion!

If you are in business of selling physical products then you NEED to have your own eCommerce store!

Here are the benefits of using OpenCart:

– Modern looking and responsive design
– Flexible & fully customizable
– Easy to use admin dashboard
– No product listing limits (web hosting storage space is the only limit)
– No monthly fees (web hosting and domain are the only expenses)
– With a little bit of configuration it can have great On-Page SEO
– Large number of plugins and themes available for download (free & paid)
– It can be optimized to load very fast
– Third party integrations (Amazon, eBay, payment processors…)

Once your store is fully setup and ready then its time to drive targeted traffic to it. Without visitors nobody will buy products that you are offering on your eCommerce store. There are number of ways to drive targeted traffic to a web store. But we can summarize the most important ones:

– Search engines
– Social media
– Referral traffic from other web sites
– Paid traffic from display ads
– Direct traffic

Search engine optimization of OpenCart store is one of the best ways to get highly targeted visitors to your store. Generally speaking SEO is divided into two parts, On-Page SEO which is related to how you optimize your website for search engines and Off-Page SEO which is related to building links to website. In my OpenCart course I go into details how you can prepare your OpenCart store for search engines by applying the best practices in on page SEO.

Textual version of this tutorial:

Learn how to start a blog using WordPress:

22 thoughts on “How to start an online store using OpenCart 2.2 – NO CODING KNOWLEDGE NEEDED

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    Textual version of this tutorial:

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