How to Optimize Your Images To Get Ranked on Google (SEO Basics part 9 of 17) In this video I’m going to show you how to use ALT Tags to optimize your photos and get them ranked on Google.

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Video Transcript:

In this video I’m going to show you that you can actually optimize your photos and images on your website so they can get ranked on Google. Let’s check it out.
I’m going to show you that images on your blog post can also be ranked on Google. So you can see right here we’re continuing with our Podcasting A to Z blog post case study and this picture right here and these following pictures are on the Google images search results. So let’s go ahead and find these Google images search. So if you go to Google and you type in ‘podcasting a to z’ you’re going to see that these pictures that are on my blog post are optimized so they show up in the images tab.

If you can see right here Google has some different options. Web, Shopping, Images, News and etc. If you click on ‘IMAGES’ you are going to see that this picture is the exact picture that is on my blog post. If people are searching for images they could also find a way to get to your website so they say “oh I can visit this page because I want to learn where this picture came from” they can click on it and you can see that it lands on my blog post. So that’s why it’s so important to optimize your pictures on your website so they show up not only on your Google search but also on the images search. So in order to do that you’ll want to go into your dashboard of your blog post.

So in the WordPress training videos I showed you how to add a video and in this case I’m going to show you how to edit it. So you’re just going to basically click on it. Click this little picture button and you can see right here all I did was I made sure that I put the pictures title and alt text right here so I simply named this “Anthony Tran Podcasting” but I’m going to go and show you some of these other images that I’ve placed where I actually called it “Podcasting A to Z” so as you can see the ‘Alternate Text’ says “Podcasting A to Z Video Tutorial”.

In order to enhance it I’m also going to put it in the title. So you’ll want to make sure that your title and your alternate text both say what the keyword is of your images is. So we basically go to all of our images and we make sure that we optimize it to give it so you see this I put “Podcasting A to Z Review Example Picture” and I make sure to put it in the title and in the alt text. And just to prove to you that this shows up for the keyword “podcasting a to z review” let’s go ahead and review and make sure that we know that picture. So this is the exact picture, I’m going to show you again.

Scroll down, this is the exact picture so let’s go ahead and Goolge “podcasting a to z review”. We’re going to go to the images area and there you go it’s ranked #2! Look at that it shows up, here’s my first snippet and here’s my second snippet. It’s the exact image and you can see because I simply took the time to add my alt text and my title to my images. It shows up #1, 2, 3. These are all the pictures that are on my blog post because I simply put the title and the alt text. So I hope that helps you when optimizing your pictures on your website. I’ll see you guys in the next video.

3 thoughts on “How to Optimize Your Images To Get Ranked on Google (SEO Basics part 9 of 17)

  1. I think its more powerfull if you put dashes between the title words and using capital letters is only for readability and has no effect in regards to the way google sees the image title.

  2. Very helpful! Thanks man! If you have any time could you check out a few of my GoPro or Vlogs? 🙂 x

  3. Thanks, good tut!

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