7 Easy SEO Hacks using Ahrefs’ New Traffic Filter

This tutorial will teach you 7 creative SEO hacks to find more link prospects using Ahrefs’ new traffic filter.
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The traffic filter can be found in multiple reports within Site Explorer tool. At first glance, it may seem like “just another filter,” but you can extract valuable insights for your link building, keyword research, and other search engine optimization tasks.

In this video, you’ll learn these 7 hacks that can all be performed in under 30 seconds:

1. Find the “best” link prospects.
2. Find the best “lost” backlinks to pursue.
3. Reclaim lost referral traffic from broken backlinks.
4. Find topic ideas with high search traffic potential.
5. Find low competition keywords by analyzing a competitor’s backlink profile.
6. Arbitrate global SEO
7. Ecommerce hack for stores that sell a product.

These are extremely low hanging SEO techniques that can help you get more backlinks, find ‘hidden’ keyword ideas, and ultimately increase your website traffic.

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16 thoughts on “7 Easy SEO Hacks using Ahrefs’ New Traffic Filter

  1. Really great tips Sam!

  2. Sam, you are always giving a good video and I learned a lot. But there is a doubt hopefully you will help to clarify. As I understand there is a way to get a backlink that is creat good content as an exchange and then get a link from the website author. But we are not able to create good content as we are not speaking native English. Do we have another chance to catch backlink?

  3. Hi there Ahrefs, How does this work with youtube? Im new to all of this and am wanting to grow a youtube channel. Would using the keywords from your seo engine in youtube's title, description, #hashtags, and the words spoken in the video, help?

  4. My ranking for any keyword improve it may come to first or second page than after some time it either disappear or goes into 8th- 9th page. It happen for so many post in my website. I cant able to figure out. Can you give me little tips as per your experience.

    I watched all videos of ahrefs. What i say all are fantastic and too the point.

  5. Well done: your product and tutorials are really top class!

  6. Thanks, another great one.

  7. Thanks Sam, some super helpful tips in here!

  8. Love it Sam. Ahref's is simply the best.

  9. Awesome video once again, every time new things to learn from you guys. It would be more helpful you can make a video on each metric of your tool and how to use it in effective way for better results. Sometimes the metric shows different if compared to other tools like semrush.

  10. Hello Sam
    I want to ask that in Ahref There is a option of seo audit . I want to just ask that can we provide these services of seo audit on freelancing websites like upwork etc By working on Ahref tool.

  11. Hi Sam ! 📝 Now competition becomes more easy because of these data sorting and filtering hacks. 📈 So informative once again Thank You.. 💬

  12. Cool! This Backlinks Traffic data will be a Game Changer! Good One Sam Oh! Another reason to get hooked with Ahrefs!

  13. good stuff. why 'to' and 'from' instead of 'min' and 'max'? I think you even drew that on the screen.

  14. I m waiting for your new video, great share sam

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